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Gerard has been passionate about plants since he was a young boy. Initiated by his family and friends, he learned in the field, rummaging through books… Now retired, he is once again devoting himself to this pleasure and is eager to share it.
Gérard wants to raise awareness of the different characteristics of plants by giving you the basic notions that will sharpen your eye. He will adapt himself to the public and will know how to direct the meeting for initiation or for more knowledgeable people. During a walk on a path by the sea or in the sunken paths, you will make plant discoveries according to the environment and the seasons.

The party will then take any kind of orientation according to your exchanges:
– How to recognize and identify plants? Shape of leaves, flowers …
– The origin of the vegetal world. When, where, how, why?
– The life of a plant cell, its development, its reproduction…
– The role of leaves, roots, stems…
– Why are plants attracted to light?
– La Flore – How to use it, which one to choose?
You will also be able to discuss with Gerard about grandmother’s pharmacopoeia, sometimes uncertain, but often full of common sense! Imagine during this botanical walk that you discover an herb with battered women, an herb with warts, an herb with a thousand holes, Robert’s herb, etc., etc. Why these names? So many plant trails to explore together!

“Yes, to share one’s knowledge with the visitors of the peninsula, an ambition to pass on a knowledge that is certainly incomplete but fascinating from those who passed it on to me more than 55 years ago when I fell into this “pot of the need to know”! In homage to those. “Gérard

On one of the circuits inscribed within the perimeter of the Conservatoire du Littoral, set off on the path of the abominable mystery of flowering plants. You will be led to wonder about the origin of both animal and plant life, discovering the different species encountered. Another theme can be tackled: the strategies developed by about twenty plants to survive and reproduce in the natural environment, with an emphasis on the characteristics of plants.
The meeting place will be communicated to you when you register. Minimum: 2/3 people. Maximum: 6 people.

Strolls organized within the framework of the “Presqu’île Greeters”, a network of passionate inhabitants of their territory who voluntarily propose to share “their” Presqu’île for the time of a meeting.

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